Less Worries & More Yachting with ENJOY

Less Worries & More Yachting with ENJOY

By Jeffrey Moser

Life moves fast. Balancing a challenging career and a family keeps your calendar full. Perhaps you run a business—even when you’re technically ‘out of office’ you never really are. So when it’s time to unwind aboard your yacht, you want to cast off the lines and get on the brine.

There’s a lot of work to make that happen. Playing phone tag with the crew at your marina is frustrating—scheduling routine maintenance, warranty work and keeping your vessel clean is a full-time job. Even when you do touch base with them, how can you be assured the work will be completed up to your standards and in time?

The ENJOY Yacht Management app can help. It’s a cloud-based management system that allows you to handle all aspects of vessel maintenance right from your smart phone.

To optimize the app, users must first set up a dashboard via desktop computer or tablet. I gave it a shot from my laptop as the yacht owner—the “Master User” of the app—and had my vessel and her specs down in just a few minutes.

Then, I thought about the fellas at my marina that are always helping us out and entered them as my yacht’s “crew.”  Again, it took just as long as it takes to type in their names.  From here, I used the drop-down user menus to assign tasks. There’s just about everything listed but it’s also customizable, so I went ahead and created my own custom tasks. Owners can schedule recurring tasks as well. Setup is a breeze! After setup, go to the Apple App store or Google Play to download the app.

With multiple plans to choose from (starting at $29 per month), it’s easy to find one that suits you. Now anywhere you can get a phone signal, you can monitor the to-do lists and communicate with the crew. Say goodbye to long hold times on the phone while the marina secretary tries to locate someone in the boatyard—the crew and maintenance team can also download the app and review each assigned task for that time period on their smart phones.

An ingenious feature is how the crew lets you know that a job has been completed—via visual confirmation. Your maintenance team will have to snap a photo to complete a task to assure the job has been completed.

I also really like how the app can keep track of issues that may arise that need immediate attention. The crew can again snap photos and just use the drop-down menus to flag it, and you’ll receive a push notification. That’ll keep your boat on the water and off the dry dock.

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