The Hull Truth

How the Enjoy Yacht Management app can help you best maintain your hull


Summertime is just around the corner. And the living, as they say, is easy — except for you. You’re still working like a dog, spending long hours in the office when you’re home, and traveling for business often during the week. You simply don’t have the time anymore to be as hands-on with your boat-maintenance duties as you like. But a funny thing has happened. As you spend more time away from your boat, your time on the water with family and friends has become even more valuable to you. So when you’re onboard, you want everything to be perfect.

And here’s what’s bothering you. Last time you ran your boat, you took her offshore with your two sons to do some fishing. And while she handled the two-foot slop with aplomb, you couldn’t help but notice that she was running just a bit slower than usual, about a knot and a half, actually. Also, your fuel burn was way up. But you just had your propellers aligned, so that can’t be the problem. And thanks to checking your  boat maintenance log on your Enjoy Yacht Management app, you can rest easy knowing that your engine is running properly as you keep your maintenance plan up to date. So what could it be? Ah yes! Your hull must be dirty. You can’t get top performance out of your boat if you’re dragging a bunch of algae and barnacles along for the ride. But you’ve got a busy schedule this week, so while your boat is at the yard, you’ll be using your Enjoy Yacht Management app to keep track of her progress. Here’s what you want done to get the most out of your hull, and how to use Enjoy to make sure everything is done properly.

hull cleaning ENJOY yacht management app


For boats under 50 feet, probably the best way to clean your hull is by hiring a diver. Depending on a few factors, this should run you between one and six dollars a foot. A good diver will clean not only your hull but also your running gear, shaft, trim tabs, rudders, intakes and transducers. Some divers will have an underwater camera to show you their results. If your diver has one, have him post the pictures to your Enjoy app when he is done so you can check his work from just about anywhere.

Paint hull ENJOY Yacht Management

Many experts recommend you paint your hull with antifouling paint about once a year, depending on how often and where you use your boat. (Hulls in warm-water places, like Florida, tend to get dirtier more quickly.) The active ingredient in most antifouling paints is copper, which is toxic to marine flora and fauna. But it’s important to know that not all copper-based antifouling paints are alike. Amounts of copper in the paint vary, as do copper-release and copper-binding methods. Nobody knows your boat like you do. So make sure to specify in your Enjoy app which paint you want to use. And when the yard is done painting, make sure they send you a picture via the app to make sure they got the paint lines straight and clean.

waxing up the hull Enjoy yacht management app


Have your yard wax your hull above the waterline too, to prolong your boat’s shine. The trick here is to wax up before your gelcoat starts looking dull. Liquid wax will have a better shine at first, but for a long-term finish, we recommend paste wax. Use Enjoy to let your yard know that bit of information, and then have them send you a picture of your boat afterwards. You’ll be happy with how your boat looks — shiny as new.

Wasn’t that easy? Enjoy Yacht Management takes the hassle out of boat maintenance by allowing you to see the results for yourself, even though you’re not actually there. The pictures eliminate any language barriers and mitigate the room for error. It just couldn’t be simpler. Yet it’s also so effective. Now finish up that work and get out there and Enjoy your boat! You earned it.

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