ENJOY Yourself

ENJOY Yourself

The Enjoy Yacht Management App saves your valuable time and makes boat maintenance easier than ever.


OK, so picture this. You love your boat. Your kids are off at college, so right now she is like your baby — your pride and joy. You keep her in Miami, in the same marina where  Mark Cuban used to keep his boat. And you are thorough about your yacht maintenance. Every time you board her, you give her a close inspection throughout, and you let your captain and his two-person crew know exactly what you want done to her. Clean this, fix that, that one locker door down in the VIP looked a little loose on its hinges. That sort of thing.

But now work has pulled you away to New York City for a few weeks, and you don’t have the usual day-to-day grasp on your yacht maintenance duties as you usually do. And as you lay in bed at night, one little thing keeps niggling at you. Last time you were on your boat, the engine didn’t sound quite right. There was an extra rattle somewhere that shouldn’t have been there.  Agh, it’s gnawing at you. You decide it’s time to ask your captain down in Florida to give the engine room a full check for possible causes of a strange noise. And since you both have the Enjoy’s App, he can send you pictures to prove it.

Here’s what you want to be done:

  • First, make sure he checks the belts for proper tension. Are they lose? Are they frayed? Are they showing signs that they’re going to break? That could make noise for sure. Have him send you a picture via Enjoy to show that they are properly tensioned and in good shape.
  • Second, check all the connections. Especially the hoses. Have him visually inspect it and put a screwdriver to the hose clamps and make sure they’re tight. You don’t want any leaks. No coolant. No water. No nothing.
  • Third, inspect the motor mounts.  Are the bolts secure? They can snap. A lot of people don’t know that. Make sure they’re not loose. Because that can make the engine shift out of place and create strange sounds.
  • Lastly, don’t just think the problem is in the engine room. Could it be a prop? The slightest ding in a prop could make the whole boat sound off. Have your captain give the propellers a thorough inspection. Take a look at the picture he sends you of them, and then go rest easy.


These are the kinds of thing that would have driven you nuts only a few weeks ago. But not now. Now you have your Enjoy Yacht Management app on your smartphone ( and your computer). This app makes all things boat-maintenance related so easy that it feels almost like cheating.

And it’s worth noting, one of the coolest parts about Enjoy, is that it utilizes pictures, not just words. And we all know, a picture is worth a thousand words. Enjoy Yacht Management is the best and most efficient boat-maintenance app on the market, and it claims that title by using simple yet effective technology. Schedule some tasks or report an issue, send it to whoever can fix your problem, and go enjoy your life. Yacht maintenance has never been so easy.

Now that you’re no longer worried about your boat, maybe go take a bite out of that Big Apple. And have fun doing it.

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