Time To ENJOY Your Yacht With The Easy Task Management App

If yacht management and boat maintenance gets in the way of enjoying your time on the water, then ENJOY Yacht Concierge has a new smartphone app for you. Developed by a yacht manager and broker with input from captains and crew who understand boat management and maintenance, this handy iPhone or Android app simplifies the protection of your investment and saves you money.

Created for the boat owner or captain who seeks to organize all the tasks required for peak yacht performance with minimal fuss, ENJOY’s app offers easy setup and execution AND a one month free trial period.  Tech support is available. The process is simple:

  • Register for the free trial on the ENJOY Yacht Concierge website.
  • Set up the “Master User” password protected account.
  • Create the Team to work on the boat(s).
  • Create tasks from the list of those provided or customize by adding your own, all with frequencies or schedules.
  • Assign tasks to appropriate team member.
  • Download the free app on your mobile device and start implementing your “to do” list.

The Captain and crew use the app in a similar way on their Smart Phones:

  • Login to the app.
  • Review the task list and deadlines outlined.
  • Complete each task and take a photo to record completion.
  • Take photos to relay any other issues that arise.

If any other the above needs to be conveyed to a vendor for attention, the app can generate an email to request service.

The ENJOY web-based application enables the owner or Master User to configure the yacht, add crew, tasks, lists and log hours and enables an owner to communicate directly with crew, staff or vendors. Responders can relay replies via photographs and comments to record tasks completed or any outstanding issues. Each trip can be logged, and maintenance logs and schedules can be created—verified by a shared photo documenting the issue or its resolution. The app is available for as low  $29/month covering most  of the owner’s and crew’s communication.

For freelance Captains who want to use ENJOY to simplify the variety of their working boats, the app is available for $4.99/day (with a free day’s trial). The app enables the Captain to cover and document all of his or her work and thus enhances the value of services by demonstrating organization, responsibility and peace of mind—all at a nominal cost.

“Clear communication is one of the most important aspects of yacht management and our boat maintenance app keeps everyone involved and ‘on the same page’ as they share information on what needs to be done, what has been done and what is next or outstanding,” says, Jose Gomez, President of ENJOY Yacht Concierge, “Some other boat management software is more complicated and geared to the Megayacht market; we wanted to give the smaller yacht owner the same type of boat software assistance, but in a user friendly format.”

Attention to preventative maintenance to satisfy manufacturer warranties and to save costly repairs is another major concern to boat owners and crew alike. “The ENJOY app provides an easy listing of tasks and responsibilities and accountability chain that provides user-friendly, simple task management and is the ideal answer to whole-boat protection,” says Captain Robert La Forest, who uses the app to keep tabs on management of his 72’ charter boat, “I was able to stay on top of each pre- and post- trip job and everyone knew just what to do, when to do it and how to verify that the tasks were completed. As a result, maintenance was stress-free and the boat was ready for the next charter in record time.”

The ENJOY Yacht Concierge Service is planned to be an adjunct to the app. The Service provides yacht owners and crew with ancillary services like brokerage, charter and management. The tools provided by the app to protect the value of a boat and avoid expensive repairs by maintaining top-level upkeep. “Accountability is much easier when everyone understands their role and the importance of each item on the task list,” says Gomez, “When each of your mobile devices, as well as each staff, crew and vendor responsible for maintaining a yacht, can communicate directly with you via the app, we simplify the tasks. Plus, we can all be clear about our roles–whether we deal with cleaning, provisioning, regular maintenance schedules, staffing or vendor services–we all need to be in communication, monitoring, educating and avoiding potential problems. Then, we can ENJOY our yachts!” he adds.

The app is available through the iPhone or Android App Stores and can be accessed for free.

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