The Best Apps to ENJOY in Miami

When we are in Miami we want to make the most of our time enjoying all the nice ambiances that this great city offers; there are lot of things that we can do, from the new and trendy restaurants and night clubs, to the festivals and exhibitions. And we also want to spend some relaxed time at the beach and at sea, and we always need time for shopping in the great malls around miami. And we also want to catch a sports event or a concert.

These apps will help you save time and effort in searching, parking and booking so you can Enjoy more of Miami!


Miami has sudden weather changes, as light rain in a sunny day, slight changes in humidity, sudden tropical storms and the next day hot and sunny days again. Therefore, having an accurate weather forecast app is very useful to Enjoy this city. Underground is the most accurate forecast and is the internet’s first weather service and forecasts are generated for 14 days in the future so you can plan ahead what to bring for your next visit to Miami. And you can also customize smart forecasts for running, fishing, sailing, cycling, etcetera.

Pay by Phone

Pay by Phone is the most convenient way to pay for parking. And it is very easy, either use the app, do it online or call them.
Just enter the parking location, select the time you want to stay, pick a payment method and pay again if you want stay a longer.
Pay by Phone is available in Miami as well as surrounding cities in Florida including Coral Gables, Ft. Lauderdale and South Miami.

Park Mobile

Park mobile provides a new and better way to pay for parking using your smartphone. This app is very useful in Miami Beach and Fort Lauderdale. It works similar as Pay by phone. Great app!

Red Cap

Be driven in your own car by certified personal drivers. It’s a great option if you want to have a night out in your car and don’t want to be worried about driving back home or hotel. Just download the RedCap app, enter your pick up and drop off locations, review the instant price quote and book your reservation. You can even read a driver bio and ratings from other passengers. It’s very easy to use and a safe option to Enjoy Miami nightlife!


The app to get a driver at take you wherever you want whenever you want just tapping a button. Available 24/7 any time of the day any day of the year. Definitely an essential one!

Open Table 

Open Table is a very helpful app that recommends the best restaurants in your destination. You can search from the most popular, the new and trendy ones or by cuisine style, from italian, sushi, american, mexican, meat, sea food, vegetarian, etc.
Or perhaps you prefer to look by style from brunch, romantic, outside, special events or any special occasion.
Once you select your favorite one, book your reservation and Enjoy!

Uber Eats

Uber eats is the new food delivery platform. Just by tapping on the Uber network and using your Uber account to pay for everything, food, delivery and tip you can get anything from local restaurants in 35 minutes or less. Great app to Enjoy free and relaxed time!

Yelp Eat 24

Feel like staying home today, but still want to eat delicious like at your favorite restaurant? Search by your address, view restaurant menus and exclusive online coupons, read Yelp reviews and order from any of them online, with just a click of a button and Enjoy!

Miami Map and Walks

If you want to see famous sights or discover hidden gems on your own, walking is always a nice way to do it, this handy app offers several self-guided walking tours and it comes with detailed tour route maps and powerful navigation features to

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